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Collagen induction therapy, also known as micro-needling, derma-rolling, or skin needling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.

Micro-needling process works to rejuvenate your skin by boosting collagen production.



  • Acne Scarring & Other Scarring

  • Reduction in large pores

  • Surgical Scars

  • Stretch Marks

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Loose Skin/Loss of Elasticity

  • Hair Loss 

  • Hyper-pigmentation

  • Sun Damage 

  • Overall Skin Texture and Tone (smooth skin and evens skin tone)

  • Dull Skin Tone (brightens skin)

  • Reduction in redness in rosacea skin

  • Makes products far more effective

  • Elevates the overall texture of your skin, with the correct aftercare products suited to your skin type


Collagen induction therapy cycles are every 12 weeks. Clients can see considerable improvement and an overall difference in hydration, texture and tone after 4-6 treatments. 

Wait 6 weeks before any tattoo treatments!

4-6 weeks wait between treatments.

At any sign of infection, please see your Dr immediately. 

*Check before care and contraindications

*Benefits of Microneedling for PMU and more...


Micro-needling Single Treatments 

Eyebrows: Skin/Hair growth                               $150 - 30min

Face                                                                 $200 - 1hr

Face and neck                                                   $350 - 1.5hrs

Packages                               6 Treatments 10% - 20% OFF

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