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Booking Policy

Booking Policy


Client satisfaction is very important for BMS Cosmetic Tattoo.




BMS Cosmetic Tattoo will provide refunds in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act (Australian Consumer Law). Please note, refunds are not provided for change of mind or incorrect aftercare resulting in infection or coldsores.


You may be entitled to refund of a product or service where it is:

• faulty;

• substantially unfit for its specified purpose and cannot be remedied within a reasonable timeframe;

• unsafe or creates an unsafe situation; or (product) 

• significantly different from its description/sample (product)


If there is a problem with a product or service, and it can be remedied, we will attempt to remedy it within a reasonable time. If remediation is not possible, the above will apply, and you may be entitled to an exchange or refund.


Refunds are not given for incorrect aftercare which results in infections or coldsores.

The client/model is 100% responsible to follow correct aftercare and ensure open wounds are kept sanitised at all times.

Clients automatically agree to no a refund policy once payment is made with skin penetrative services. 


Customer results may vary, and as such, no refund or exchange will be provided if the service or product did not provide the desired result, excluding any faults/major problems outlined above.


This refund policy applies, and you agree to be bound by these conditions, when purchasing pre-paid treatments including packages for multiple treatments.




At least 48 hours’ prior notice must be given for any appointment change or cancellation.

If you give less than 48 hours’ prior notice, or if you do not attend an appointment, we reserve the right to redeem a treatment from your package and/or retain any deposit paid.




Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, or promotion. Promotions must be redeemed within 2 months from date of purchase.




If you pre-pay for treatments, you will save an amount according to the pre-payment schedule. There is no refund on pre-pays, and they are not transferable to other individuals or treatment areas.


Pre-pays have a 12-month expiry date (less than 10 treatments) or an 18-month expiry date (10 or more treatments).


48 hours’ notice is required for any pre-paid appointment cancellations. If you cancel a pre-paid appointment within 48hrs, or do not attend the appointment, the treatment will be forfeited.


You agree to these terms by purchasing pre-paid treatments.

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