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Powder Brow is a shading technique with a fine needle and machine, using the whipping, shading and pointillism technique. 

Are you tired of having discoloured brows? Tired of wearing make-up to cover up?

Powder Brows Technique is also used to cover-up and correct blue/grey/red/purple or green brows.  
Having your brow colour corrected is a must at this point!

​Depending on on the level of saturation and depth of your previous tattoo you may require the Powder Brows Treatment that includes 2 treatments or Nano Removal to fade out the old tattoo enough to be worked on again. ​

The best method  will be discussed once we have received your images. 


-Suitable for all skin types.



- Aftercare, provided based on your skin type. 
- All Micro-pigmentation services include a touch up- valid for 3 months.

* Check before care/contraindications

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