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Removing unwanted pigmentation from the face and body strongly affects people’s confidence. A technique that has the power to remove unwanted pigmentation is invaluable when it comes to returning people to normal life and everyday activities. 

Phi Nano Removal is a special technique for removing unwanted pigmentation from the skin, without anaesthetic (applied on request), which makes this treatment very popular among clients.

Using only a machine and Lights S and Enzyme Power liquid solutions for removing pigmentation.
During this treatment, the skin is gently treated superficially, which allows faster healing with minimal skin irritation. 

5-6  weeks between each treatment! 
6-8 weeks wait for new brow pigmentation treatments.

Nano Removal is the most advanced technique in Tattoo removal!

-Typically 7 treatments required.
-Removes all colours even yellow and white which laser cannot.
-Removes eyeliner with fastest results.
-Removes lip colour like no other removal treatment. 
-Does not scar, burn or have any pain!
-Results are instant, immediately after treatment. 
-Becomes lighter again after you peel. 
-Fastest downtime!
-Fastest results!



Aftercare is provided to ensure scarring does not occur.

​This treatment's consult will be done on the day of your appointment as it has no before care.

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