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Nano Removal is a special technique, the first in Sydney for removing unwanted pigmentation from the skin, without anaesthetic (numb before treatment if desired), which makes this treatment very popular among clients.

Nano Removal only uses a machine, Lights S and Enzyme Power liquid solutions for removing pigmentation.
During the treatment, the skin is gently treated superficially, which allows faster healing with minimal skin irritation. 

Nano Removal is the most advanced technique in Tattoo removal!

5-6  weeks between each treatment! 
6-8 weeks wait for new brow pigmentation treatments.

For more information on body tattoo removal, or the treatment process, contact us.

Please check contraindications before booking.


  • Typically 7 treatments required.

  • Removes all colours even yellow and white which laser cannot.

  • Removes eyeliner with fastest results.

  • Removes lip colour like no other removal treatment. 

  • Does not scar or cause necrosis!

  • Results are instant, immediately after treatment. 

  • Becomes lighter again after you peel. 

  • Fastest downtime!

  • Fastest results!



Aftercare is provided to ensure scarring does not occur.

Nano Removal consult will be done on the day of your appointment as it has no before care.

Please check contraindications before booking.

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