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Holistic Hair Growth

Holistic Hair Growth Single Treatment                  $320 -1.5hrs

Package                                         6 Treatments 15% OFF

Holistic Hair Growth

Ignite you hair density potential with organic rejuvenation and transformative holistic hair growth, using micro-needling with multi-peptide hair growth serum massaged into the scalp,  empowered through medical grade red LED Light Therapy which accelerates growth up to 40%.

Holistic Hair Growth shows promising results in treating hair loss  (where the immune system attacks hair follicles), and telogen effluvium (excess hair shedding due to stress).



  • ​Triggers the growth of new hair and the strengthening of existing follicles.

  • Brings blood flow to the scalp 

  • Stimulates the production of nutrients


Clients can see improvement and an overall difference after 4-6 treatments.

Treatments can be done every week for optimum results.

*Check contraindications before booking.

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