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Not sure which design will suit you? Such a huge decision cannot be made blindly! 

Imagine choosing your brow design, hand drawn on your image, before you make such a huge decision of having a permanent treatment on your face!

Our signature service Digi - Brows  (bespoke digital hand drawn brow design on your image) is the next BIG CRAZE in the world of permanent make-up!

At BMS Cosmetic Tattoo, we want to take a step into the future and change the game within the cosmetic tattoo industry by giving clients options before their permanent brow treatments.


This revolutionary new service prevents any unexpected surprises. 

Disclaimer: Designs are not a 100% guarantee match of the treatment or outcome. The digital designs are a guide. The clients actual treatment may differ depending on clients brow bone and skin type. 70% of the healed results depends on the clients before/aftercare routine and skin reaction. 

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