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15 - 75% OFF!

In-Person Consultation

We will run through your medical history, contraindications, brow history and before/aftercare to ensure you qualify for the treatment of your choice.

Based on your assessment we will advise you of the best brow treatment, taking into account your preferences.


MAPPING:  Using the Golden Ratio with pencil drawing of W Brows or Powder design/s.

This allows the client to go through the actual mapping process from start to finish.

*Suitable for all Feather and Powder Brows options.

Female Patient

50% OFF!

Digi-brow cover_edited.jpg

75% OFF!


Not sure which design will suit you? Such a huge decision cannot be made blindly! 

Imagine choosing your brow design, hand drawn on your     

image, before you make such a huge decision.


- Our signature service Digi Brows (bespoke, digital, hand drawn, brow design on your image) is the first service, in the world of PMU to offer a guide, before your permanent tattoo.

- Choose from a range of designs

- Choose your desired shape

- Choose your brow colour

At BMS Cosmetic Tattoo, we want to take a step into the future and change the game within the cosmetic tattoo industry by giving clients options before their permanent brow treatments.


This revolutionary new service prevents any unexpected surprises. 

This is an online service.


Microneedling process works to rejuvenate your skin by boosting collagen production, which in turn treats:



- Reduction in deep wrinkles and fine lines

- Reduces acne scars

- Reduces stretch marks

- Revitalises dry skin and elevates the overall texture and health of your skin

- Firms skin

- Helps assist with the redness in rosacea skin

-- Makes products far more effective through punctures in the skin

- Elevates the overall texture of your skin, with the correct    aftercare products suited to your skin type


Clients can see improvement and an overall improvement in hydration and texture after 4-6 treatments.

Wait 4 weeks before any tattoo treatments!

4 weeks wait between treatments.

*Check before care and contraindications

*Benefits of Microneedling for PMU and more...


50% OFF!

Nano Removal 
Trial Session

Nano Removal is a special technique, the first in Sydney for removing unwanted pigmentation from the skin, without anaesthetic (numb before treatment if desired), which makes this treatment very popular among clients.


-Typically 7 treatments required
-Removes all colours even yellow and white which laser cannot
-Removes eyeliner with fastest results
-Removes lip colour like no other removal treatment
-Does not scar or cause necrosis!
-Results are instant, immediately after treatment 
-Becomes lighter again after you peel
-Fastest downtime!
-Fastest results!​

Nano Removal consult will be done on the day of your appointment as it has no before care.

Please check contraindications before booking.

Nano Removal COVER_edited.jpg

15 - 50% OFF!


20% OFF!


Lip Blush is the most popular treatment and it's currently trending in Europe, America and its the next big procedure in Australia. 


- Enhanced lip symmetry

- Customise your lip shade, giving you long-lasting lip colour
- Colour correction for uneven pigmentation and scars

- Fuller looking lips without injectables or surgery

- Increased pigmentation for ageing and pale lips.
- Choose from any colour! 

Suitable for all skin types


- Aftercare
- All Micro-pigmentation services include a touch up valid for 3 months.

* Check Before/Aftercare and  Contraindications

Requires Consultation


​​Are you tired of having low density? 

Powder brows is suitable for brows that have the shape but lack the hair density. The treatment is camouflaged with the brow hairs, giving the brow a shade, for a fuller more defined look.  



- Suitable for all skin types

- Used to cover-up old PMU tattoo (faded by 50 - 90%)

- Stops you from needing to wear make-up

- Cuts down the top-up treatment time as the pigment retention 1is the best

- Wake up looking amazing, turn heads without effort


- Aftercare, provided based on your skin type. 
- All Micro-pigmentation services include a touch up- valid for 3 months.

* Check before/aftercare  and contraindications

Requires Consultation

Powder Brows_edited.jpg

20% OFF!

Anna. W

I had the best lip blush experience!
Before the appointment I felt fine since I heard good things about Shirin’s work. She explained to me everything regarding the whole procedure, before and after care and just had an amazing explanation. Also she did pick a very lip matching color for my lips which I’m in love with! Thank you so much Shirin, I really love and appreciate your work!
The treatment wasn’t that painful, surprisingly I didn’t even use the numbing cream and was fine though the whole procedure! Aftercare was pretty easy and it heals pretty quick!
I definitely recommend BMS Cosmetic Tattoo to everyone who is thinking to do lip blush. Shirin is a professional you will have the best lips ever!

Location: Palm Beach


Zhon Knudson

I had a great experience getting lip tattoo and mirconeedling with BMS cosmetic tattoo. Shirin really listened, focused and nailed my core concerns. She is a perfectionist and that’s essential when doing beauty treatments I know I couldn’t get a better result anywhere else. Thanks Shirin. 🏻

Location: Dural


I had nano removal - 2 sessions and the results are just sooooo amazing. It is minimally invasive. Downtime is so little.
Shirin is also EXTREMELY knowledgeable that it made me feel so comfortable to have such a new thing in Australia done ! I recommend it to anyone who has a cosmetic tattoo that they want to either lighten or remove (like me and my eyebrows) so I can have fresh new brows in the future.

Location: Liverpool



Shirin was so lovely and I love how she gave me the DIGI-BROW so I had a guide and see what the end result of my Powder brows could look like. Super professional and genuinely cares about you!

Location: North Sydney

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